2021 Sep 23

Grace for The Laterals

Grace for The Laterals

Grace was recently photographed and interviewed for The Laterals. Check out the photos and interview below!

Grace Van Patten proves that when you have a sense of purpose, everything falls into place a little bit more

Grace Van Patten doesn’t ever miss: whether it’s on-screen, on the red carpet, or on an early morning zoom interview. It’s not every day you get the chance to speak with someone who can uplift you through a computer screen from thousands of miles away—but perhaps that’s exactly what gives her that je ne sais quoi. She compels you. Because some people are just good people, and you can feel it.

Born in New York, the city had a unique inscription on her early upbringing, impressed with artists and visionaries. Her father, Timothy Van Patten, is a prominent actor/director/screenwriter/producer with a dossier of acclaimed titles. However, Grace has taken the lead on her own remarkable career. At only 8 years-old, she made her television debut in a diminutive drama series called The Sopranos. She continued to accrue a range of designations from Boardwalk Empire to The Meyerowitz Stories. However, it was Grace’s first feature film Tramps that garnered her critical acclaim. Her character, Ellie, lends a charm that’s relaxed and freshly intimate; which feeds into the film’s emotional undercurrents guised in humor and vulnerability. She was fantastic here.

Grace’s career is finally catching up to the reputation she’s perfected on the casting radar. In her latest venture, she’s captivated the masses with Nine Perfect Strangers, a star-studded ensemble that makes it clear she’s right where she belongs. This original series from Hulu follows nine individuals at a boutique health-and-wellness resort. With the promise of healing and transformation, the resort’s director (Nicole Kidman) implements unorthodox treatments that reveal secrets, lies, and an array of drama over their 10-day stay. Grace takes on the role of Zoe Marconi, a teenager who arrives with her family who is struggling with a loss. The youngest of all the participants, her character appears withdrawn and guileless, yet somehow brings a humor and awareness that’s exceedingly profound. Next up on the roster is Mayday, a bold fantasy film that transports Grace’s character to a dreamy, dangerous land where she joins an army of girls in a never-ending war. Directed by Karen Cinorre, there is nothing quite like it.

Unlike most twentysomethings, she is someone who seems young, but inquisitive—and somehow embodies an other-worldly soul. Grace Van Patten doesn’t ever miss.

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