2021 Oct 02

Grace for Contents Magazine

CONTENTS MODE – Grace Van Patten, American actor, has been immersed in the bright lights of the entertainment industry since she was a child. Her acting debut was on The Sopranos when she was only 8 years old where her passion for acting ignited like a fire that has only spread as she’s gotten older. While Van Patten’s career has soared into the clouds over the past few years, she describes her most recent roles as “broken bird” characters. In Nine Perfect Strangers, she plays Zoe Marconi, whose tragic reason for her family’s stay at the self-improvement resort underscores much of the series. Similarly, in her upcoming film MAYDAY, she stars as Ana, who, like Zoe, finds herself in a sinister location masked by beauty. Ana’s arrival to this location, surrounded by several women, also comes out of tragedy. Van Patten’s performances are impressive, to say the very least, as her characters’ emotions radiate through the screen to tell stories of unimaginable pain and strength (as evidenced through her newly found swimming muscles that she tells us developed as she filmed MAYDAY!). Van Patten tells us about her passion for acting, her book club as she prepared for her role in Nine Perfect Strangers, her experience filming in Croatia’s blue waters for MAYDAY, and her upcoming not so broken bird roles!
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