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2022 Oct 05

Grace for Flaunt Magazine

Grace for Flaunt Magazine

Grace was photographed and interviewed for Flaunt magazine along with her Tell Me Lies co-star, Jackson White. Take a look at the photoshoot below!

FLAUNT – It tasted like love, but it wasn’t. It was just a lie under the guise of something tender and true. And when you’re young and naïve to love, you can’t really tell the difference. We’ll use the bodies of others and our own as maps to find ourselves, only to find nothing. And one day, when enough time has passed we’ll realize it wasn’t really love—just the obsession of feeling something for the first time.

This near universal experience is unpacked with actors Grace Van Patten and Jackson White in support of their new Hulu drama series, Tell Me Lies. Based on Carola Lovering’s best-selling novel of the same name, Tell Me Lies follows Van Patten (previously known for Nine Perfect Strangers and Under The Silver Lake) as young Baird College freshman Lucy Albright. In her first year of college, she meets Stephen DeMarco, played by White, who starred in Mrs. Fletcher and action-thriller Ambulance. Together, they embark on the entanglements of young love and lying without consequence. The ten-episode drama-thriller begins with a death of a classmate and documents how a single lie feeds on the insecurity of not knowing who you are, secrecy between friends, and for some characters, an awakening.
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2021 Oct 05

ODDA Magazine

ODDA Magazine

Grace Van Patten: The Beauty Behind Vulnerability

ODDA – American actress, Grace Van Patten, has become one of the most talented breakout stars in Hollywood, and it’s not just because of her elegance and awe-inspiring energy. Working alongside notable Hollywood legends including Glenn Close in “The Wilde Family,” Adam Sandler in “The Meyerowitz Stories,” and, now, Nicole Kidman in Hulu’s series “Nine Perfect Strangers,” Van Patten speaks with ODDA on her fascination with acting, her transformative experience in “Nine Perfect Strangers” drama, and the magnetism behind her soon-to-be-released movie “Mayday” and the upcoming Hulu series “Tell Me Lies.”
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2021 Oct 02

Grace for Contents Magazine

CONTENTS MODE – Grace Van Patten, American actor, has been immersed in the bright lights of the entertainment industry since she was a child. Her acting debut was on The Sopranos when she was only 8 years old where her passion for acting ignited like a fire that has only spread as she’s gotten older. While Van Patten’s career has soared into the clouds over the past few years, she describes her most recent roles as “broken bird” characters. In Nine Perfect Strangers, she plays Zoe Marconi, whose tragic reason for her family’s stay at the self-improvement resort underscores much of the series. Similarly, in her upcoming film MAYDAY, she stars as Ana, who, like Zoe, finds herself in a sinister location masked by beauty. Ana’s arrival to this location, surrounded by several women, also comes out of tragedy. Van Patten’s performances are impressive, to say the very least, as her characters’ emotions radiate through the screen to tell stories of unimaginable pain and strength (as evidenced through her newly found swimming muscles that she tells us developed as she filmed MAYDAY!). Van Patten tells us about her passion for acting, her book club as she prepared for her role in Nine Perfect Strangers, her experience filming in Croatia’s blue waters for MAYDAY, and her upcoming not so broken bird roles!
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2021 Sep 24

Grace Van Patten and Emily Mortimer on Acting

Grace chatted with her Good Posture (2019) co-star, Emily Mortimer. Read the interview here or below!

Lonely and Amazing: Grace Van
Patten and Emily Mortimer on Acting

INTERVIEW – At the height of the pandemic, Grace Van Patten was told that she’d be leaving Brooklyn, where she lives, and heading to Australia for eight months. The reason was Nine Perfect Strangers, the Hulu limited series about a mysterious wellness retreat that was slated to shoot in Los Angeles but was moved Down Under amidst the COVID of it all.  For the 24-year-old actor, the hardship of traveling across the world during such an uncertain time was softened by the fact that, as the grief-stricken Zoe Marconi, she would be acting alongside actors like Michael Shannon, Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, and Nicole Kidman. Those names come with a built-in intimidation factor, but Van Patten has also been acting since 2006, when she made her debut on The Sopranos, and also grew up around the industry (her parents are the filmmaker Tim Van Patten and the actor Wendy Rossmeyer). Even her neighbor back in Brooklyn is a show business veteran. That would be the actor and director Emily Mortimer, who recently called up Van Patten to discuss the life-changing experience of working on Nine Perfect Strangers, her upcoming fantasy film Mayday, and the emotional mindfuck of their chosen profession.
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2021 Sep 23

Grace for The Laterals

Grace for The Laterals

Grace was recently photographed and interviewed for The Laterals. Check out the photos and interview below!

Grace Van Patten proves that when you have a sense of purpose, everything falls into place a little bit more

Grace Van Patten doesn’t ever miss: whether it’s on-screen, on the red carpet, or on an early morning zoom interview. It’s not every day you get the chance to speak with someone who can uplift you through a computer screen from thousands of miles away—but perhaps that’s exactly what gives her that je ne sais quoi. She compels you. Because some people are just good people, and you can feel it.

Born in New York, the city had a unique inscription on her early upbringing, impressed with artists and visionaries. Her father, Timothy Van Patten, is a prominent actor/director/screenwriter/producer with a dossier of acclaimed titles. However, Grace has taken the lead on her own remarkable career. At only 8 years-old, she made her television debut in a diminutive drama series called The Sopranos. She continued to accrue a range of designations from Boardwalk Empire to The Meyerowitz Stories. However, it was Grace’s first feature film Tramps that garnered her critical acclaim. Her character, Ellie, lends a charm that’s relaxed and freshly intimate; which feeds into the film’s emotional undercurrents guised in humor and vulnerability. She was fantastic here.

Grace’s career is finally catching up to the reputation she’s perfected on the casting radar. In her latest venture, she’s captivated the masses with Nine Perfect Strangers, a star-studded ensemble that makes it clear she’s right where she belongs. This original series from Hulu follows nine individuals at a boutique health-and-wellness resort. With the promise of healing and transformation, the resort’s director (Nicole Kidman) implements unorthodox treatments that reveal secrets, lies, and an array of drama over their 10-day stay. Grace takes on the role of Zoe Marconi, a teenager who arrives with her family who is struggling with a loss. The youngest of all the participants, her character appears withdrawn and guileless, yet somehow brings a humor and awareness that’s exceedingly profound. Next up on the roster is Mayday, a bold fantasy film that transports Grace’s character to a dreamy, dangerous land where she joins an army of girls in a never-ending war. Directed by Karen Cinorre, there is nothing quite like it.

Unlike most twentysomethings, she is someone who seems young, but inquisitive—and somehow embodies an other-worldly soul. Grace Van Patten doesn’t ever miss.

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