Millie Bobby Brown Expresses a Shift in Feelings After Getting Engaged to Jake

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown shared her feelings about her engagement to Jake Bongiovi, expressing that she has noticed a difference in her emotions since becoming engaged to her boyfriend.

Brown made these remarks as a guest on the BBC Radio 1 show “Breakfast with Greg James” on Wednesday (September 20).

“I got engaged. It’s lovely, it’s great, and it definitely feels different,” Brown said, as People reported on Wednesday (September 20).

“People often say, ‘It doesn’t feel any different.’ But I think it does,” she continued.

Striving to Be the Ideal Daughter-in-Law for Jon Bon Jovi

Brown also discussed her efforts to become a good daughter-in-law to Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman of the band Bon Jovi. She aimed to demonstrate this during a game segment on the radio show. Brown had intended to call her future father-in-law but hesitated, fearing she might disturb Bon Jovi, who was in the United States.

“If he (Jon Bon Jovi) was asleep, then I’m not his favorite daughter-in-law,” Brown said. “I have to be his favorite daughter-in-law.”

On a separate occasion, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that she is actively preparing for her wedding with Jake Bongiovi. She finds the process of heading toward the big day enjoyable.

“So far, this has been an incredible part of my life,” Brown told Good Morning America. “Doing it with just one person already makes it so much better,” she added.

Engagement in April

Previously, the Enola Holmes star and the son of rock band leader Jon Bon Jovi announced their engagement in April after two years of dating.

In an Instagram post, a delighted Millie showed her hand holding Jake’s, with a ring on her finger.

The 19-year-old actress also attached a caption expressing her happiness with the 20-year-old, quoting lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song “Lover.”

As reported by People on Tuesday (April 11), Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi were first rumored to be together in June 2021. However, they were described as friends at that time.

They officially announced their relationship in November 2021. Before news of their engagement surfaced, Millie Bobby Brown referred to Jake Bongiovi as her “lifetime partner” in January.

These public revelations provide a glimpse into the evolving relationship between the two young stars as they embark on their journey toward marriage.