Travis Scott Faces Eight-Hour Questioning in Astroworld Festival Lawsuit

Travis Scott

Travis Scott recently underwent an approximately eight-hour questioning session regarding the lawsuit surrounding the deadly Astroworld Festival in 2021.

Standard Legal Procedure

A spokesperson for Travis Scott clarified that the rapper’s questioning was part of the standard legal procedure. This questioning took place on Monday, September 18.

Media Focus Amid Investigations

The spokesperson, Ted Anastasiou, emphasized that Travis Scott had been subjected to this routine legal procedure, while underscoring the media’s ongoing focus on him. He noted that despite extensive investigations by government authorities, including the Houston Police, Scott had been exonerated of any wrongdoing.

Full Cooperation and Commitment to Tour

Anastasiou mentioned that Travis Scott fully cooperated with all deposition requests, fulfilling his role as a key witness in the Astroworld tragedy. Despite these legal obligations, Scott remained unwavering in his commitment to his upcoming album tour, “Utopia.”

“Travis is fully cooperating with the legal process while remaining committed to his record-breaking album tour, ‘Utopia,’ and his charitable efforts to support vulnerable communities,” Anastasiou stated.

Legal Clearance Following Investigations

The spokesperson referred to the findings of the investigative report issued by the Houston Police Department in Texas several months ago. After convening various grand juries, Travis Scott and five other Astroworld staff members were cleared of any wrongdoing and were not subject to criminal charges.

Astroworld Tragedy and Legal Actions

During the Astroworld event in November 2021, Travis Scott’s performance resulted in the tragic deaths of ten individuals and injuries to hundreds. Among the victims were two boys, aged 9 and 14, as well as a 16-year-old girl. Furthermore, the incident prompted 275 lawsuits filed by 1,250 individuals, with the majority of these lawsuits alleging negligence on the part of Travis Scott, the concert organizers, and related parties, accusing them of failing to prevent the tragedy.