Europecore, Epitomizes the Pinnacle of Summer’s Most Illusory Trend

Europecore, Epitomizes the Pinnacle of Summer's Most Illusory Trend

Meet Europecore: A TikTok-Originated Subculture

Introduce Europecore, an exemplar among the myriad of TikTok-originated subcultures, commonly referred to as “#cores,” which persistently captivate our collective attention. Europecore, while not precisely embodying the concepts of “tranquil opulence” or “seaside matriarch,” does possess the same aspirational attributes as these prevailing trends. Its influence has grown to such an extent that even Target, a prominent retail establishment, has curated a specialized collection that encourages individuals to “attire themselves in a manner that evokes the spirit of international voyages.”

This collection includes elegant slip dresses and stylish strappy sandals, among other items. In a manner akin to our emulation of the sartorial choices of French women and the fashion-forward individuals of Danish street style, we find ourselves presented with an expansive continent upon which we may project our aspirations and ideals. The notion of seeking refuge outside the borders of the United States has gained considerable allure in light of the political events that transpired subsequent to the 2016 election.

Escaping Boundaries: Europecore’s Political Context

From a visual standpoint, it is evident that Europecore’s definition is exceedingly convoluted. One plausible interpretation entails the visual representation of Kim Kardashian donning a soccer jersey, while another possibility involves Sofia Richie engaging in carefree exploration within the southern regions of France. Upon further contemplation, one cannot help but be captivated by the vintage influences that permeate the realm of artistic inspiration.

The ethereal presence of Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin, gracefully reclining by the poolside on the illustrious Côte d’Azur in the cinematic masterpiece of 1969, La Piscine, has undeniably garnered a fervent following in recent times. Similarly, the radiant visage of Grace Kelly, basking in the warm embrace of the southern French sun in the timeless classic To Catch a Thief, evokes a sense of allure and fascination.

The White Lotus showcases the sartorial choices of Aubrey Plaza, who adorns herself in ensembles that draw inspiration from the iconic styles of Audrey Hepburn and Monica Vitti, imbued with a subtle essence of the 1950s. Meanwhile, Jennifer Coolidge endeavors to channel the essence of Vitti by adorning her head with a flowing scarf that gracefully trails behind her.

Europecore, Epitomizes the Pinnacle of Summer's Most Illusory Trend

Embracing Rohmer-core and Cinematic Escapes

Furthermore, it is prominently featured within the realm of Rohmer-core, a genre that exerts an irresistible allure upon the overburdened denizens of American society who yearn for the respite and tranquility depicted in unhurried yet aesthetically captivating cinematic masterpieces such as Claire’s Knee. Upon revisiting Le Rayon Vert, a cinematic masterpiece crafted by the esteemed auteur, I found myself immersed in the narrative of a woman who grapples with the perplexing predicament of possessing an excessive abundance of leisurely days during the summer season, a circumstance that many would undoubtedly envy.

Accessibility and the Europecore Aesthetic

In contrast to its core counterparts, this particular trend exhibits a slightly higher degree of accessibility. The inherent vagueness and minimalist nature of the aforementioned statement may potentially afford one the opportunity to peruse their existing wardrobe or engage in the pursuit of second-hand shopping in order to achieve the desired aesthetic. (Contrary to the act of procuring an extensive collection of Barbie-inspired fashion items from the online retailer Shein.)

Furthermore, one can engage in the practice of Europecore without necessitating physical presence within the confines of the European continent. For certain individuals, the process entails procuring a collection of timeless garments crafted from cotton and linen materials…or alternatively, remaining within the confines of one’s own country, deactivating the air conditioning system, and abstaining from utilizing an additional layer of bedding.

Fantasy in Fashion: The Pretense

It is not within the realm of expectation for fashion trends to inherently mirror the intricate nuances of geopolitical reality. However, it is worth noting that Europecore, in its essence, encapsulates a rather narrow and distinctly American perspective of the European continent. The locales alluded to are more inclined to be opulent resort towns harboring luxurious five-star establishments, rather than, for instance, inland industrial towns.

The coveted lifestyles they hold in high regard are exclusively accessible to individuals belonging to the upper echelons of the socioeconomic spectrum and beyond. It is akin to embarking upon a sojourn to the United States and erroneously assuming that the entirety of its populace resides exclusively within the affluent confines of the Hamptons. However, if one were to consider that fashion revolves around the realm of fantasy, why not engage in the act of pretense? Whichever means facilitate your passage through the summer season.