Tips for Buying Women’s Jeans: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Jeans

Tips for Buying Women's Jeans: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Jeans

The allure of denim is undeniable, as a well-fitting pair of jeans conjures images of iconic celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Tina Turner, and Jane Birkin effortlessly wearing the timeless garment. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, however, can often be a daunting task involving endless trial and error, ill-fitting fits and fabric wrinkling.

The era of low-rise skinny jeans in the early 2000s also brought its own set of challenges. Many people suffer from squeezing into incredibly skinny due to the false belief that’s should be bought in the smallest possible size. Fortunately, the fashion world has evolved, and experts now offer valuable advice on how to successfully navigate the intricacies of women’s jeans shopping.

1. Prioritize jeans with quality and durability

For Candice September, makeup artist and founder of Peeper Keeper, fabric composition, weight and feel are key to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Her go-to is thick, 100% cotton denim because it molds to the body and provides a comfortable fit over time. Vintage Levi’s 501s from the UK or 550s from the US are her favourites, as they have a slimming effect, tapering at the waist and flattering the hips.

When shopping for new jeans, September recommends Acne, Our Legacy and Toteme, who prefer item that feel fresh and have good shape retention so they hold their shape through multiple wears and washes. For stretch item, choosing a thicker denim with the lowest percentage of elastane will ensure durability, as fabrics that are too stretchy can lose their shape over time.

2. Choose classic styles jeans and sustainable brands

Tiffanie Darke, author of the It’s Not Sustainable newsletter and co-founder of Agora, suggests looking for jeans made from recycled denim to promote sustainability. Founded by Anna Foster, ELV Denim repurposes vintage denim to create new, flattering styles. Additionally, brands that promote recycled cotton farming, such as Citizen of Humanity’s Goldsign, are also worth considering.

Dak discourages the use of Lycra or spandex-blend item because they are less durable and difficult to recycle. The key to sustainable denim fashion is investing in classic styles that you can wear multiple times without bagging.

3. Prioritize fit and comfort jeans

Anna Foster, founder of ELV Denim, emphasizes the importance of a perfect fit and comfort for the wearer. Rigid denim is a sign of quality because jeans made from thick, stiff fabric hold their shape and provide plenty of support. The flexibility to change seams is another desirable feature, allowing for a custom fit for comfort and security.

4. Go to the store to try on

Beare Park designer Gabriella Pereira loves The Row’s Goldin jeans, which have a relaxed fit and a relaxed fit. To find the right pair, she recommends exploring brands like Khaite, Bassike, Citizens of Humanity and Magda Butrym. When it comes to the shopping experience, Pereira advises against buying online, saying that going to a physical store to try them on is the best way to go. While the process may seem old-fashioned, being able to try out different styles can make the purchase more satisfying and successful.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, finding the perfect pair of women’s jeans can take patience and persistence, but in the end, finding the right pair can give one a feeling of empowerment and confidence. Whether you’re looking for a vintage classic or a sustainable brand, prioritizing quality, comfort and fit makes for a successful and rewarding denim shopping experience. So head to the store and try them on and enjoy the timeless appeal of the perfect pair of jeans.